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castaway cay activities for adults

Disney’s private island is not just for kids! Check out these 12 awesome Castaway Cay activities for adults that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you’ve already booked your Disney cruise and you chose an itinerary that stopped at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay, you are in for a real treat.

There are so many ways to relax and have fun under the sun on this island paradise in the Bahamas. There’s something there for everyone to enjoy, no matter your tastes or interests. People get the impression that because it’s a Disney Cruise, there’s nothing for adults to do onboard or on Castaway Cay. That is a total misconception! Need more convincing? Here’s 15 things for adults to do on a Disney cruise.

Today, I’m so excited to share with you all of the amazing Castaway Cay activities for adults! Trust me, when you see all the things you can do on this beautiful island, you’ll want to book a trip ASAP! If you haven’t booked your cruise yet and don’t know where to begin or need personalized help planning your cruise, we can help you! Email us at and let us help you plan your magical getaway.

Relax on Serenity Bay

On of my favorite Castaway Cay activities for adults is to relax on Serenity Bay. It is truly an island paradise for grown ups. This is a secluded part of the island that is set aside specifically for adults. To get there, you can take the island tram for a cool breeze (which I highly suggest). You can walk to to this beach, but the walkway is a long dirt strip with not very much shade, so it can get very hot with the sun beating down on you. Even if there is a lot of people riding the tram to Serenity Bay, to save yourself some energy, I would still take the tram. They get you on/off pretty quickly and easily.

You can find a bar as well as a restaurant – Serenity Bay BBQ – on this part of the island. There are complimentary beach chairs and hammocks available for you to take advantage of. The view is spectacular, so make sure you bring your camera and take a dip in the crystal clear Bahamian waters.

Ears Tip: Don’t feel like getting up to trek through the sand for a drink? Ask one of the waiters that walks the beach for a drink! They’ll take your key to the world card and charge it to your room for you.

castaway cay activities for adults

Try a new drink

Speaking of drinks, what better time to try a new one – or two, or three? There are several places to get specialty and alcoholic drinks on Castaway Cay. Waiters roam the beaches asking if you need any drinks, and if you do, they will bring it to you so you don’t have to leave your beach chair. Specialty and alcoholic drinks are available for an extra fee.

Go snorkeling

Castaway Cay is one of the most beautiful places to go snorkeling. The best part? If you bring your own gear, it’s completely free! No worries if you don’t have gear though. You can rent them for a small fee on the island.

Go paddle boating

This is a really romantic activity that my husband and I love to do on Castaway Cay, and it’s also a great way to get a beautiful view of the ship! We’ve even seen some starfish and stingrays swimming in the water beside us – which was very cool!

You can rent a paddle boat and several other watercraft equipment for an extra fee. You can also ride a banana boat, a water cycle, sailboats, and kayaks!

The view of our ship from our paddle boat!
True paradise 🙂

Book a Port Adventure

Castaway Cay has so many fun excursions you can choose from, it will be hard to pick just one! You can go fishing, rent bikes, go snorkeling, rent floats, ride a glass bottom boat, ride a jet ski, and more.

My husband and I have done the jet ski excursion twice, and it is still one of my favorites to date. On this excursion, you have guides that take you around the breathtaking island (you have your own jet ski). There’s no telling what you’ll see in the water beneath you, which is my favorite part! We’ve seen beautiful fish, starfish, and stingrays swimming around us (hoping that we never see any sharks, ha!). Your guides will take you to a secluded part of the island, show you around, and give you a few minutes to explore and swim. Last time, we saw a conch shell and our guide explained all about it which was really cool. Did you know those beautiful creatures are scavengers? They eat whatever is on the bottom of the ocean – which I thought was really intriguing. Just my little fun fact for the day – ha!

disney cruise

Get a massage

Get pampered with a breathtaking view in one of the massage cabanas on Castaway Cay! For en extra fee, you can get all of the same services that you can get on board the ship at Senses Spa, just with an island breeze added in. This is a great time to get that couples massage you know you’ve been dreaming of!

Rent a private beach cabana

Speaking of cabanas! Want a place to get out of the sun, wash your feet, drink some water, and feel the Caribbean breeze in a hammock without having to fight the crowd for a place to sit? Rent a cabana! This is the perfect way to have your spot reserved on the beach and serves as a nice little secluded spot for your party!

The cabanas come with a fridge full of water, snacks, sunscreen, towels, a hammock, beach chairs, and even a rinsing shower. These cabanas do cost extra and can book up extremely quickly. If you would like to rent a cabana, it is very important that you reserve them on the day you can book your excursions and dining (which depends on different factors such as how many Disney cruises you have been on and how far you are from your arrival date). When you book your cruise with us, we will keep up with these important booking deadlines as well as take care of booking all of your excursions for you! Email us at for more information!

Take a tram ride

There’s an open-air tram that will take you everywhere you need to go over the island, and it’s super relaxing to ride on! It’s also a great way to explore the island without walking everywhere in the heat.


There are several shops on the island that are full of souvenirs, home goods, beach items, clothing, and more. No need to bring your wallet off the ship! All you need to do is present your Key to the World card and your items will be charged to your room.


There are 3 restaurants on Castaway Cay (but they all essentially serve the same things): Cookies BBQ, Cookies Too BBQ, and Serenity Bay BBQ. These are buffets and they are all included in your cruise fare! They serve a lot of BBQ style foods, like burgers, hot dogs, grilled salmon and chicken, fries, fruit, corn, greens, etc. There’s definitely something there for everyone and it is really good food! Don’t forget to stop by the all-you-can-eat ice cream stand while you’re there too!

disney cruise
disney cruise

Rent bicycles

If you’re looking for a way to get your exercise in while you’re on the island, rent a bike! This is also a wonderful way to explore all that the island has to offer. You’ll also probably see a lot of different kinds of wildlife this way.

Run in the Castaway Cay 5K

If you are a runner, then you NEED to run the Castaway Cay 5K! This is a big event on the island and is a great Port Adventure that you and your family can do together. It’s perfect for expert or beginner runners and is available to all guests who are visiting Castaway Cay. Sounds like fun, huh? If you’d like to book this Port Adventure, you can do so once you board the ship. Go straight to guest services and they can get you all set up!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best Castaway Cay activities for adults! Did we miss anything? Comment below and tell us your favorite thing to do on Disney’s beautiful private island!

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