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what's included in a disney cruise

Disney Cruise vacations are FULL of fun and exciting things to do, and just about every activity is included in your cruise fare! Take a look at what’s included in a Disney Cruise vacation.

My family and I just got back from taking our 4th Disney cruise (first for my daughter and the rest of our family!) and man did we have a BLAST! My husband and I  have been avid cruisers since 2015 when we went for the first time on our honeymoon. We just absolutely love how relaxing it is, how beautiful the scenery is, and that we get the opportunity to visit countries and cultures that we have never been to before. The accommodations are incredible, the service is outstanding, and the amount of activities that you can do with your family onboard is amazing. And about 99% of them are included in the price you pay for your cruise!

On our last cruise, we sailed to the Western Caribbean and visited Cozumel, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Falmouth, Jamaica and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. We’ve actually sailed to this particular destination three times (what can I say, Jamaica is breathtaking!), and we’ve done something different every single time! That’s the beauty about Disney Cruises – there is ALWAYS something to do onboard and onshore, you can NEVER get bored!

As a travel advisors, one of the most popular questions that I receive is, “What is the usual price of a Disney cruise?” and that is a super loaded question because it depends on so many factors!

Those factors include:

  • How many adults/children are in your party
  • What kind of stateroom you have (inside, oceanview, verandah, etc)
  • Which destination you choose to go to
  • How long the cruise is
  • What time of year you choose to go
  • How many Port Adventures you decide to go on
  • If you buy any alcohol/gourmet drinks
  • If you decide to dine at an adult-only restaurant, such as Palo or Remy
  • If you decide you would like to take advantage of the nursery service onboard (for ages 6 months-3 years, or 1-3 years on certain sailings)

So if you’re looking for an exact price, let’s chat! Email me at It will be personalized to your needs and wants, so it will be more accurate to your specific situation!

So here’s the scoop on what’s included AND what’s not included in a Disney Cruise vacation:


Man oh man, the food. The amount of food that is included in a Disney Cruise is INSANE. And it’s not full of processed junk food (even though there’s SOME junk food, what kind of a cruise would it be if there wasn’t?), they offer so many wholesome and healthy options for everyone’s taste. Steak, fish, chicken, pork, pasta, international dishes, every desert on the planet. Pretty much anything you can imagine is available and unlimited for everyone to enjoy.

There’s one main buffet open for breakfast and lunch (Cabana’s), 3 themed main dining venues that you rotate each night, and several quick service locations and cafés that are open late. There are different themed restaurants on each of the 4 ships. On the Fantasy, we enjoyed The Royal Court, The Enchanted Garden, and Animators Palate (our favorite!). At these locations, our servers Ge De and Joel followed us around to each restaurant, and they were absolutely phenomenal. I’ll remember their names forever because they were so good to us and my daughter had such a blast talking and playing with them. They brought her pudding or ice cream every single night and of course she was very happy with that!

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the food we ate. I wish I would have taken a photo of the huge buffet, but I was too busy trying to get my food ha! And yes, that Oreo cheesecake is as good as it looks!

Unlimited Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Need I say more? You can get unlimited ice cream onboard AND on Castaway Cay. Our sweet girl got to try it for the first time on our cruise, which made it super special! I think its safe to say she liked it, considering she ate half the cone by herself!

disney cruise

Unlimited Soda, Tea, Juice, and Coffee (not gourmet coffee)

One of the best things that DCL offers is free and unlimited soda, tea, juice, and coffee. I don’t believe that is standard on other cruise lines, so that’s a big plus with DCL and can save you tons of money vs going on other cruise lines!

I am not a coffee drinker. I think it tastes disgusting (judge me all you want). But my husband, on the other hand, LOVES the stuff. He really enjoyed going down to the Cove Cafe in the adults only section and grabbing a coffee every day. Let me clarify that only the plain coffee is free, not lattes, macchiatos, etc.

24-hour Room Service

When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, we called room service every. single. night. They have an awesome menu full of snacks, desserts, and even full meals. Be careful though, there are some things that you have to pay for if you choose to, such as pre-packaged products like M&M’s, bottled water, etc.

Kid, Tween, and Teen Clubs

DCL has awesome programs for kids, tweens, and teens. There are spaces just for them aboard the ship and on Castaway Cay, including private beaches! For kids ages 3-12 years, they can visit the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club. These clubs are all about learning while having fun. There are character appearances, shows, dance parties, themed play areas, and interactive experiences for them to enjoy.

Edge is for tweens ages 11-14 who want to hangout with other kids their age and watch movies, play video games, and experience guided interactive activities. There’s also Vibe, which is for kids 14-17 to have their own space to chill.

Castaway Cay Buffet Lunch

Cookies BBQ and Cookies Too BBQ are the two main all-you-can-eat buffets on the island, and they are both included in your cruise fare! We loved all of the options they had and it was something refreshingly different from what we were eating on the boat. Try the pineapple bread, it is AMAZING!

They had just closed up for the day when I took this picture:

Pools and Water slides

DCL has the BEST pools and water slides I have ever seen. And use of them is unlimited and included in your cruise fare! There are pools in the family section and the adult only section, and there are also hot tubs to enjoy!

You can slide on the AquaDuck or take the plunge on the AquaDunk! Since we were on the Fantasy, I HIGHLY recommend the AquaDuck, we rode it almost every day we were there. So much fun!

If you have little ones still in diapers, unfortunately they are not allowed to get in the pool or on the water slides due to sanitary reasons. But as always, Disney has thought of everything and caters to every member of the family! There is a splash pad, Nemo’s Reef, that is exclusively for little ones from 6 months to 8 years old. This was my daughter’s favorite part of the ship! She loved to splash around and watch the other babies play too.

Broadway Style Entertainment

Believe me when I say that Disney knows how to put on a Broadway show! There is one every night after dinner, and they are definitely not to be missed. They were so good that we put our 7 month old to bed super late every single night so we could enjoy them as a family. She had a lot of naps in the carrier but she didn’t mind a bit. She loved them too!

Disney Movies on Demand

There are tons of Disney movies at your disposal on a Disney cruise. You can watch them on your stateroom TV or in the Walt Disney World Theater. If you haven’t seen a certain Disney movie, this is a great way to watch it for free!

Exquisite Accommodations

Your stateroom is obviously included in your cruise fare, and Disney does not skimp out on these. Disney prides themselves in having the most spacious staterooms of any other cruise line, and I absolutely believe that to be true! The split bath feature is amazing, and we loved our verandah. It was so nice to be able to sit outside, watch the waves, and have some adult time while our daughter napped in the room. Our stateroom host was amazing, and made us a different towel animal every night!

Character Meet and Greets and Dance Parties

There are character meet and greets and dance parties happening all around the ship all the time. My daughter LOVED getting to meet Ana and Elsa, Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, and Captain Hook! There are lots of character meet and greets and dance parties on Castaway Cay as well.

Fitness Center and Basketball Court

If you have any sports players or fitness gurus, there’s an awesome fitness center and basketball court for them to enjoy at no extra cost!

Unlimited Mini Golf

We LOVED playing mini golf aboard the ship! We did it at night so it wouldn’t be so hot, and it was so enjoyable and the perfect way to end our day. We did it on the last night of our cruise when the wind wasn’t too bad and it worked out perfectly.

Hammocks, Beach Chairs, and Umbrellas on Castaway Cay

The Castaway Cay beaches are the best I have EVER been to. The best way to start your day is to sit back and relax in a hammock, listening to the waves crash.

disney cruise

What’s NOT included in a Disney Cruise Vacation:

  • Alcoholic beverages, smoothies, and specialty drinks (you are allowed to bring alcohol on board! When you book with me, I can give you all the info you need on that)
  • Port Adventures
  • Popcorn, bottled drinks, and candy from the movie theater concession stand
  • Internet
  • Adult only dining experiences
  • Candy shops (like Vanellopes and Sweet on You)
  • Transfers to and from the port
  • Parking at the port
  • Spa treatments
  • Nursery childcare
  • Extras like souvenirs, photo services, and Bibidi Bobidi Boutique
  • Tips and gratuities

If you’re ready to take the leap and book a Disney Cruise vacation, we would be happy to help you do that! We plan the whole trip for you – personalized to you and your needs! Email us at for more information.